About Colours of Australia

Colours of Australia distributes the following brands:

Papoose Toys

Papoose Books

Pupucci Fashion

Bauspiel Wooden Toys





Colours of Australia was started in 1991 by Renske Carbone. In 2000 she was joined in the business by partner/husband John.

The first products were hand painted scarves, table linen and bed linen.

Since then the products have changed a lot but one thing has remained the same: the focus on providing wonderful, practical products that add colour to our lives.

With Papoose Toys our focus is on early childhood, educational and custom designed products.

Working with natural materials and Fair Trade has added to the enjoyment of developing the range and is helping small communities in other countries; Nepal, Sri Lanka and Indonesia

Papoose Books combines story telling with interactive toys; the toys are based on characters out of the stories and made in Nepal.

Pupucci is our small but very popular fashion range for women; all natural fibres and generous sizing, this range is made in India.

Bauspiel Wooden Toys is a German brand, famous for quality and well designed products. The range is particularly good for combining various parts to enable children to build amazing structures.



We love our customers, you! for your support of our endeavors and say a big thank you for your enthusiastic embracing of our products .

Renske and John