19 - Bauspiel


We are unable to take on new stockist at this time, we will review the situation in the new year.

Current Bauspiel customers can order as per usual.

As we want to be able to better supply our current Bauspiel customers, we've had to make this difficult decision; I don't like turning back any orders but at the same time we're trying to be able to supply much quicker. Please note this exclusion applies to Bauspiel products, also for existing customers that have not bought Bauspiel before.

Thank you so much for understanding, it's been a interesting year!



With Bauspiel's blessing we have designed a number of sets that compliment the Bauspiel range.

There are differences: for instance Bauspiel Colour Street blocks are made from Alder and have an oiled finish (I know some of you just buy the blocks to smell them!), ours are made from Beech and are all natural.

By working closely with Bauspiel to develop our own range we enhance each other's ranges and are able to extend the play value of both. Our blocks can be found in the Gem and Lucite section of our range. Our own products are sold under the Papoose Toys label.



Our October container is now due in on the 14th December, add a week for clearing and delivery to the warehouse; it is a very frustrating time for all of us. I am sure you are aware of the enormous difficulties that have arisen all over the world in the freight industry; due to covid many containers are getting stuck in Europe and the US, there's a shortage of containers now and of course in Sydney they decided this was a good time to have strike actions. All in all an impossible situation that will take time to clear, perhaps even months. Please believe me: we do not sit on stock to annoy you! We, even more than you, want orders to go out to you. When we do get a delivery, we work all hands on deck to get orders out in the quickest way. Thank you for your patience.


A range of wooden toys from Germany, all the things you'd expect: great design, fantastic quality and gorgeous colours.

The secret of this range is that the different sets work well together to create an amazingly varied way of stacking, placing and building. And the other secret is that everyone loves the fabulous sparkly blocks.....

The square windows may have the gem facing one way or the other, according to Mr Bauspiel there is no right or wrong way. The wooden dowels holding the gems in place may vary in length; these are inserted manually and depending on humidity and temperature it may be easier or harder to get the dowels in, hence the variations.

All hand made product has variations, we celebrate the visibility of the hand of the maker; the individuality of the wood and how it absorbs the colours and are sure Bauspiel blocks will be a longtime happy friend to many families.


So there's this machine that makes the gems, by high pressure precision molding. The gems are placed on a moving belt and drop onto the collection table and from there they go to the packing area where each gem gets individually packed into small polybags by hand. At this time they also get checked. They then get packed into cartons and shipped to the wood working guys. The wood working guys unpack each gem and set them into the wood blocks. The blocks get packed and then shipped. As you can see; there's a lengthy process in place from gem-birth to product-birth. Minute marks on the gems are not deemed to make the product faulty. (Of course cracked gems and gems with large scuff marks are.)

The gem colours may change from time to time, this happens without us being notified. If you as retailer split up packs please be aware we may not be able to replace a particular colour if you have a faulty piece. We have therefore decided that we can only replace or credit full sets. This in particular applies to the gem products.

We can not accept returns of broken packs; we happily replace any faulty items (after discussion with our office) but only as full sets. In order to give you the best and most efficient service, you need to check the sets before you on-sell or split them up. Thanks so much for understanding. :-)