We are super excited to tell you about the release of our brand new, comprehensive range of Small Parts for open ended play, grouped under “Papoose Mini’s”.

 To launch the range, we are offering an introductory PRICE which will be visible in your cart.

Applicable to orders placed between now and December 15, 2022.

As you may know, we don’t discount our products, so this is a special occasion to get in early.

We anticipate the first drop to happen early February, second drop in March 2023.

The range consists of 5 groups of products:

1)      Wonder Wood

2)      Natural

3)      Earth

4)      Rainbow

5)      Pastel

The Wonder Wood range is made from woods you may not have seen used this way before; amazing Coconut (spotty), mysterious Sono (black), stunning Sapodilla (red), incredible Java Teak (white-ish)), awesome Tamarind (cream/black), surprising Waru (grey/cream) and marvelous Suar (browns).

The Natural range can be used au-natural to enjoy the natural wood grain or decorated by you; the Beech, Java Teak and Jempini lend themselves perfectly to dyeing and painting.

Earth, Rainbow, and Pastel match back to our existing ranges in felt and other wood items.


How are Papoose Toys Minis different?


*We approach our ranges from the viewpoint that customers/end users may want to add to the colour stories they’ve already started. So, not only are there many choices in the Minis, but you can also match them back to any of the existing felt and wood items from those colour stories. As our products are long lasting, they can carry over from year to year and be ‘refreshed’ by adding some new items from time to time.


*Our products are primarily made either with Fair Trade, by hand and/or value added in Melbourne, Australia.


*We design our products in-house. Although it is unavoidable that some items are available elsewhere such as mushroom shapes, we focus on our own shapes and designs. Many are hand carved and can not be made by machine, adding to their uniqueness.